El Canto del Mirlo, a tremendous wine

Awesome. Resounding . Powerful. Big. And from here , I can not read anymore . Come and drink of the fruit might, fruit tree that , almost any tree , any fruit . Come and drink . tremendous wine

This red wine is made with 100% Merlot grapes from 300 strains in The Pago Barranco Oscuro, (Granada)located at an average altitude of 1290 meters , with shale and clay soils . Planting of 1996 , conducted on trellises and formed with double cord. It pruning leaving 6 spurs per plant two buds each. Through an exhaustive pruning other buds and branches are removed. average rainfall around 450 liters. All the vineyards are grown naturally, no herbicides , pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used. Every two years a contribution of compost that helps retain water in low rainfall is done . In June just a azufrado that leaves no residue is performed. Everything else is effort ( physical and mental) to get the best of nature without compromising their future.


Handpicked making necessary to collect with a good degree of maturity , carefully selecting the healthiest and highest quality grape passes.

De-stemmed grapes maceration in stainless steel with manual punching down . Alcoholic fermentation occurs spontaneously with indigenous yeasts present in the environment , without any addition. No manipulation of the fermentation temperature but the freshness of autumn evenings advantage ( the winery is 1280 meters high) . Malolactic also occurs naturally during the aging in oak barrels in the underground cellar . No utlizado sulfur dioxide or any other additives or preservatives . It has not been subjected to accelerated stabilization processes , not clarified, filtered slightly bottling. It may contain sediments which produces the wine itself with the passage of time .


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  1. Giuseppe Pepe says:

    Where can we buy your wine in Italy-Veneto?
    G. Pepe


    1. Please you could send an email directly to the winery and ask about the possibility to give you information about a distributor in Italy. The email is: info@vinosautenticos.com


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