Porrera Ví de Vila, a tribute to the town where the winery is located.

Red wine from DO Priorat, made with a blend of Cariñena and Garnacha (77% Cariñena y 23% Garnacha) selected from plantations that exceed one hundred years in the municipality of Porrera. They are vines from other times that define the personality of this wine from Vall Llach, a tribute to the town where the winery is located. It is a wine created under the concept of village wine, so in vogue at the moment. Pale violet color, and among its aromas is that of ripe plums.

The varieties come from vines of more than one hundred years, with extremely low yields planted on slatey soils, vinesw that are subjected to extreme conditions of dry environment and very cold in winter and hot and sunny in summer.
Manual harvesting in boxes and table selection.
Fermentation of the destemmed grapes in wooden barrels of 225 and 500 liters and stainless steel tanks of 1000 and 2500 liters of capacity. Maceration pre-fermentation in cold for 3 days, fermentation at controlled temperature between 25 and 29ºC during 17 days with daily bazuqueos and soft reassembling. 12-day post-fermentation maceration followed by gentle pressing. The malolactic fermentation is performed 50% in stainless and 50% in barrels.
The wine goes into barrels of new French oak wood with light and medium toasted and fine grain and second year fudres. A racking is carried out during the aging of 14 months.The wine was bottled in May 2016.
Color Intense cherry with garnet rim. Nose with aromas of grasses of mount, very complex, balanced and of great minerality (slates).
In the mouth it is balanced, with good acidity, ripe tannins and balsamic touches.
Optimum consumption from the moment of purchase until 2022. Perfect to taste along with stews, legumes and red meats.


Celler Vall Llach was created in the early 90’s by the singer Lluís Llach and the notary Enric Costa in Porrera, one of the nine towns that make up the D.O.Q. Priorat.
The winery works a selection of extraordinary old farms, the so-called “Trossos”, vines between 60 and 90 years old, from Cariñena and Garnacha, which ensure an exclusive must for their collections. This is complemented by a careful purchase of the grapes from properties chosen for their quality among the oldest and most famous of the term of Porrera and Torroja.
On the other hand, and in order to further shape the complexity of its wines, Celler Vall Llach, in the early 1990’s, set up a variety of farms with varieties that complement traditional “Trossos” Garnacha and Cariñena, The foreign Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.


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