Fuentes del Silencio Cepas Viejas, a red with a very exuberant Atlantic profile.

Red wine (70% Mencía, 30% Prieto Picudo y Garnacha tintorera) V.T Castilla y León.


To elaborate it, they select the centennial vineyards located in the northern páramo of the Jamuz Valley. The exposure to the currents of Mount Teleno and the high insolation gives them a very fruity and light tannic profile. Filled with intense menthol aromas, Mediterranean herbs, strawberries, cherries, blackberries, we interpret it as a red with a very exuberant Atlantic profile.
The varieties come from centuries-old and pre-phylloxeric strains, planted on very poor, mainly sandy soils.
Harvest by hand in boxes of 15 kilos. Manual selection in the vineyard. Box-to-box casing without despalillar in frustoconical wooden tubs with minimum doses of sulfurous to ferment with autochthonous yeast. Maceration of 60 days and soft pressing. Aging for 12 months in large French oak barrels.
Ruby color. Nose full of mint candy, gooseberries and blueberries. Round, wide mouth, with very good acidity that gives a very interesting structure and wine balance.


Fuentes del Silencio was born in 2013 on the banks of the river Jamuz, in the south of the province of León. The initiative is part of Miguel Angel Alonso and Maria José Galera, a couple who has taken on the task of revalorizing the wine culture of an abandoned area. Both have the enthusiasm to elaborate exceptional wines from old strains of native varieties of the province of Leon, for this they have had the collaboration of the prestigious oenologist Raúl Pérez. Both the techniques of vineyard recovery and viticulture, as well as the methods of elaboration of these wines, are oriented towards obtaining unique and exceptional wines. The careful work of this team and the search for the expression of the small plots make each one of these wines, some of them of very limited production, in a unique experience.



Thanks to Rafael Tobar for this marvellous first picture of the Wine. 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rafa Tobar says:

    Solo una cosa, la foto del vino es de un servidor, lo mínimo es citarme creo.
    Un saludo,

    Bodega Ateneo


    1. Disculpa Rafael no lo sabía, ya hemos puesto una referencia al final del post agradeciendo tu foto


      1. Rafa Tobar says:

        Muchas gracias, me asusté al verlo.


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