Payoya Negra 2014, the dream is round, fresh, balanced and enveloping.

Red wine produced by Bodegas Finca La Melonera, with a coupage of these varieties 50% Syrah, 30% Garnacha, 10% Tintilla de Rota, 10% Romé, wine from Sierras de Malaga.


The best grapes of the estate are chosen every year to join this voluptuous and charming red of the Ronda mountain range. This vintage has been made with Syrah, Garnacha, Tintilla de Rota and Romé. All a success in an emerging area, with great oenological possibilities and fantastic projects led by young winemakers. The black payoya that gives name to this wine and illustrates its label is an indigenous Andalusian goat whose milk is made from local cheese.
The plots are among the glades of the holm oak. Orientation south-southeast and with altitudes between 600 and 900 meters. The vineyards were planted in 2006, they are 11 years old.
Selected vintage and hand-picked in boxes of 7 kilograms. Elaboration in tino with long macerations and controlled temperature at 25ºC. Aging for 12 months in wooden tubs of 60 hectoliters of Allier French oak.
Cherry red color with violet trim. Complex and intense aroma of sweet spices, ripe fruit, balsamic notes with a discreet toasted background. In the mouth it is round, fresh, balanced and enveloping. Perfect to enjoy flavored red meats, game and payoya cheese.


In April 2003 the winemaker Javier Suqué shared with his cousin Jorge Viladomiu Peitx the illusion of doing something that left a mark and at the same time paid homage to a whole life dedicated to the cultivation of the vine.
With a south-southeast orientation, the Finca La Melonera covers about 200 hectares whose altitudes fluctuate between 650 and 940 meters, which makes possible a daily thermal oscillation of up to 20 degrees in both winter and summer. This added to the more than 800 liters of annual rainfall and the humid winds that arrive impolute from the Atlantic, make it an excellent enclave for the vineyard.


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