Las Puntillas de Camuñas, a powerful wine with lots of character.

Jumilla Red wine elaborated with the older vineyards of the “Camuñas” Family with ecological treatments in viticulture. 85% Monastrell and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. Harvested at its optimum maturity, destemmed and crushed to make a fermentation with controlled temperature and without addition of yeast with its native yeasts. Breeding in new 500 liter barrels of French oak from the best 18 month old tonelerias to create a unique character and elegance.


A powerful wine with lots of character and great bouquet. Ideal for very cured red meats, stews or cheeses


With 85 hectares of cultivation, most in this traditional area of ​​vineyards that is Las Puntillas, but also in La Aragona and under La Cingla, Jesús González manages 300,000 kilos of grapes, mostly monastrell, but also syrah, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and Garnacha “We have only used 48,000 kilos for the production of our four wines. The idea is to go little by little, taking care of the product “, he says and explains that the altitude of the soil is ideal so that the ripening of the fruit is slow enough to endow the wine with better qualities.


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