Goliardo Caiño 2013, is a friendly wine, with a strong acidity and a very balanced tannin.

Goliardo Caiño 2013. 100% Caíño with 12 months of aging in a barrel that belongs to the “Tintos de Mar” range of Forjas del Salnés. Its mouth filling is friendly, with a strong acidity and a very balanced tannin.


In the nose predominate the notes of red and white fruits like the plum and the currants, as well as the white flowers and the ferns. The grape comes from vineyards between the ages of 40 and 180 years. The harvest is done by hand. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in wooden tubs of 2,500 liters with 30% of grapes raspón. Aged 12 months in barrels of 225 and 500 liters of fourth to tenth generation. Perfect to combine with rock stew or confit.

Forja-del-Salnes 001

More than 100 years after this family began the cultivation of the vine, José Manuel Méndez Lázaro and Rodrigo Méndez Arosa decide to recover the winemaking tradition and to realize some of the dreams of their predecessors.
Located in the village of Meaño (Pontevedra), Finca El Torno occupies 2,000 square meters dedicated for more than a century to the cultivation of the Albariño variety. Four hectares of vineyard in property and 3 hectares leased distributed in several plots located in the different Galician municipalities of Meaño, Cambados, Sanxenxo and Barro.
The oldest working vineyard was planted in 1912 by the great-grandfather of the present generation, who today takes the witness with the experience and knowledge acquired after the work of the vineyard for so many years. Since 2005, they have worked with the collaboration of Berenian winemaker Raúl Pérez, who recently received the award for the best winemaker in the world by the prestigious Betanne-Desseauve wine guide.



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