Ojo de Gallo 2016. A very pleasant surprise that you have to try.

White Wine, 100% Palomino Fino of “Pago Marchando Alto”, Vino de España.


Second vintage of a wine originated in a charismatic vineyard that illuminates treasures: Macharnudo Alto, the most recognized payment in Jerez. Eye of a rooster represents the unique values of albariza and Palomino. It is a base wine, jovial and fragrant, that contradicts the idea that many had about this type of wines are fragile and do not behave well in the bottle. In fact, it has turned out the opposite, a very pleasant surprise that you have to try.

After harvesting and fermentation with selected yeasts, the wine remains six months in storage with its fine lees. The 2016 Ojo de Gallo is the revival of an existing wine from Valdespino in the shape of a Palomino from the Macharnudo vineyard, fermented in stainless steel as is done for a base wine from Jerez, with indigenous yeasts and bottled from a 70.000-liter stainless steel vat. It was bottled in April 2017 after six months on the fine lees and with a layer of flor, but the influence of the flor was very weak because the volume of the vessel was very large. Here they selected very good grapes, bottled unoaked.

Nose with mineral nuances and saltiness, fruity notes and dry flower. Mouth full of Mineral, marked acidity, tasty and fatty, with a very fresh drink.


The history of Grupo Estévez begins in 1809, when the firm José Leña Rendón y Compañía, dedicated to sherry and brandies aging, becomes Bodegas José Estévez S.A. In 1982 José Estévez de los Reyes bought shares of the Marqués del Real Tesoro winery and in 1985 the Estévez family took control of the winery. That same year the family began to plan the merger of the two companies under the name Bodegas José Estévez. The origin of the Valdespino winery is very old. Count the chronicles of the time that in 1264, of the 24 knights who fought next to King Alfonso X El Sabio in the reconquest of Jerez de la Frontera to the Arabs, one of them was Don Alfonso Valdespino, who once finished the reconquista and like the other knights, the king rewarded with the cession of lands and farms in the city of Jerez.
Thus began the long tradition of the Valdespinos. Although since 1430 there were already commercial activities, the Valdespino firm was born in 1875 as a public limited company.


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