Manzanilla Velo Flor, highly saline profile, totally traditional and artisanal elaboration.

100% Palomino Fino. (D.O. Jerez y Manzanilla)


This “Manzanilla” is in full maturity of its biological aging, with an average age of about 10 years. The wine goes directly from the boot to the bottle, a process that culminates a totally traditional and artisanal elaboration. Highly saline profile, with very iodized memories, balsamic, yeast and light citrus touches. Traditional elaboration by the criaderas and soleras system. Bottled on branch: the wine has not been clarified, stabilized or filtered before being bottled. Nor have sulfites been added.
Golden yellow color, bright and clean. Very intense aroma on the nose, salinity predominates, iodized notes and touches of bitter nuts. Very mineral, with balsamic touches. Fresh and complex, with notes of yeast and a very subtle citric memory. Taste on the palate Light and dry but with a certain unctuousness. Mineral notes and saline power. Memories of bitter nuts, mixed with a mineral aftertaste. Especially suitable for marrying Iberian sausages, pickles and fish fry. Also suitable for seafood rices.


In the heart of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, occupying almost one hectare of surface, is Bodegas Alonso, conceived for the elaboration of generous in an enviable environment. The building that houses the winery is dedicated to wine activities since the nineteenth century. Bodegas Alonso took over the wine assets of Pedro Romero S.A., as well as the soleras and criaderas of this emblematic house. In addition to Pedro Romero, for the foundation of Bodegas Alonso, the boots park of Gaspar Florido and Fernando Méndez was acquired, as well as two other reputable processing houses in Sanlúcar. Thus, from the merger of these three wineries, a solid, traditional project with an unblemished trajectory was born. Many of these boots were full of oxidative aging wine but abandoned, enologically speaking. Bodegas Alonso was able to see the potential of these soleras and managed to “resuscitate” the contents of these boots, which gave generously immense expressive and representative of this land. In this way, the winery has managed to open a gap thanks to the recovery of wines that promised excellent quality. Thus, the winery maintains two production lines of chamomile: one on which it has control from the vineyard and another elaborated thanks to the soleras and criaderas of other small Sanlúcar stockists.


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