Artadi Joven 2017, a wine full of personality.

Red Wine, (90% Tempranillo, 10% Viura)


Clinging to the tradition of their area, in Artadi they make their young red wine from the fermentation of clusters and whole grapes. A wine full of personality in which youth, naturalness and great fruit load are the most remarkable characteristics. As a curiosity, a small percentage of its blend contains the white grape Viura.




This year on the label appears a festive engraving found in the city of Turin. With this the Festival of the Theater is commemorated, announcing the arrival of the festival. On this occasion he represents for the Bdega the expected arrival of his ARTADI Joven 2017, the first of this vintage. A moment of joy to celebrate and enjoy a wine full of personality in which its youth, naturalness and great fruit load stands out.



The grapes come from vineyards located in Laguardia at between 450 and 700 meters of altitude. Manual harvesting in 10-kilogram crates. Selection of bunches and berries. Vinification in open tanks, traditional production with grapes and whole bunches. Bottled in January 2016.
Intense violet red color, well covered with intense aromas of red fruit and even a note of black fruit. The nose is of great frankness, with marked memories of licorice and very fresh balsamic touches. As a whole, a pleasant memory and peculiar sensations of carbonic maceration.
The palate is broad, with tannins present, friendly but with memories of the fermentation with whole bunches typical of wines with carbonic maceration. In the end, the memories and nuances of a fresh and fruity wine return.
Ideal to combine with dishes of legumes, poultry, pickled partridge and blue fish.


Artadi is one of the largest wineries in Spain. In 1986 a group of grape growers from the Rioja Alavesa, in front of whom was Juan Carlos López de Lacalle, decided to join forces. Those winemakers would overcome a thousand obstacles to get these wines to achieve the dignity they deserved, but in doing so, they began a career that has consolidated Artadi as one of the most prestigious wineries in our country.
The winery has 83 hectares of vineyards settled on soils of wide and diverse peculiarity. They are formed by limestones, gravels and clays, an edaphological puzzle marked by alternating climatology.
Already in the winery, Artadi works with autochthonous yeasts, low sulfur contents, absence of chemical treatments and gravity works, all in order to elaborate his wine following the concepts of transformation, evolution and entropy.
After nearly 30 years of history, Artadi has become a group of three wineries: Artadi Wineries and Vineyards in Laguardia (Rioja Alavesa), Bodegas y Viñedos Artazu in the Navarra appellation of origin and El Sequé Wineries and Vineyards in the D.O. Alicante.


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