La Multa El Recurso “Old Vine” 2013, is a wine easy to drink and a demand for a variety, the Provechón.

Red Wine produced with the varieties Garnacha, Mazuelo, Tempranillo, Provechón (Bobal)

The vineyards are located in the Valle del Ribota, at a height between 600 and 800 m. Manual harvesting, pressing and destemming. Fermentation at controlled temperature of 28º for 7 days with pumping to achieve the highest tannin extraction. Short maceration Pressing the skins. Malolactic fermentation and subsequent stabilized and filtered. Only one tenth of the wine remains for 4 months in French and American oak barrels. Once assembled, it remains almost two years in underground cement deposit with its lees.


After this curious name, which alludes to the numerous times that this winemaker who travels lots of km a year on Spanish roads receives notifications from the Guardia Civil, there is also a demand for a variety, the Provechón (name given to the Bobal in this area). This grape, which has always been used to give color and acidity in the coupage with old Garnachas, was not accepted by the DO Calatayud until very recently. Of all these legal issues, this wine is as rich as it is easy to drink.

On the nose are marked fruits such as raspberry or plum on a spicy background. The mouth It shows a good body, soft tannins and a pleasant acidity. They return the raspberries and other red fruits saying goodbye with a spicy finish. Ideal to enjoy with grilled meats: lamb, for example.

Norrel Robertson, the Escocés Volante, arrived in Calatayud more than ten years ago looking for a well-communicated place that would allow him to continue his work as an oenological consultant in different viticultural projects in Spain and southern France.
After touring the wine regions of the world, obtaining the title of Master of Wine and training in viticulture and oenology in New Zealand, it was the old vines that can be found in this region of Zaragoza that captivated him. He created “El Escocés Volante” as a company and established his roots and those of his family in Calatayud. His wines have made their own space among those that the Calatayud area offers, both by their names and informal labels, and by being able to underline the freshness of a variety, the Garnacha, without renouncing all its fruit potential.
Restless by nature, and honoring his pseudonym (although he points out that the majority of kilometers on the peninsula, he does them by car – at the wheel – and not by flying), his effort to highlight the rich Spanish wine heritage has led him to elaborate in other regions such as Rueda, Rías Baixas or Murcia.


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