Albamar O Esteiro 2015, a wine with a lot of sanity and very drinkable.

Red Wine (33% Espadeiro, 33% Caíño, 33% Mencía) D.O Rías Baixas


Strains loose distributed in plots of different vintners. Some of them, Xurxo Alba, harvest them and others decide to take the grapes to the winery themselves.

O Esteiro is the result of the mixture of the three varieties that make up this trilogy of red wines from the Salnés Valley, made by Xurxo Alba. Its objective is to capture the freshness of the Caíño, the balance of the Espadeiro and the tastyness of the Mencía. In his words, it is wine with “more sanity”. The Mencía brings that relax that makes it very drinkable, very long drink, with the smallest point of packaging provided by the other two grapes.

Age of the vineyards between 40 and more than 100 years in some cases. The harvest is made in boxes at the beginning of October, with more acidity than grade, as a fundamental characteristic of the grape variety itself. The winemaking starts in jars of food plastic and in them the fermentation begins without the foot of the tub. During the fermentation, the hat is broken once or twice a day during the fifteen days it lasts. Then press and leave a day of rest in stainless steel tanks. Then it goes to barrels.
It ages 12 months of aging in French oak barrels, from vintage to vintage approximately. Subsequent stabilization in stainless steel tanks for 5 months. Bottled without clarifying or filtering.

In the nose it is appreciated that the Caíño variety predominates over the others, although it is a complex wine in which the three red varieties of the O Esteiro trilogy are present. Balsamic notes of laurel and eucalyptus.
The palate is very fresh, long drink, great balance, easy to drink and frank.
Perfect to pair with a good combination of meats and cheeses, even with fish such as a turbot, grouper and pomfret.

Xurxo Alba has been in charge of the Albamar family winery for more than ten years. A short distance from the sea, its Atlantic wines have crossed borders and even the Atlantic Ocean itself. His wines are increasingly appreciated in Galicia and beyond. In fact, the discovery of one of them by the wine journalist Eric Asimov led him to be present in the American newspaper The New York Times. All an accolade.


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