1/15 Amontillado Gaspar Florido, simply awesome. A jewel from Jerez.

Sherry Wine. 100% Palomino from the vineyards of upper Jerez.  35 – 40 years old average age. Aged in 600 liters of American oak. Comes from the old  Casks “Soleras” of Gaspar Florido Cellar. A part of the history of Jerez recovered by Bodegas Alonso.


This wine is simply awesome. It was recently launched together with an Oloroso 1/14 and a Palo Cortado 1/8 which, despite being of “criaderas”, are more than 50 years old. These wines come from much older “soleras” that the Asencio brothers bought from the remains of Pedro Romero’s winery. It is bottled without filtering.

The color is  a old burnished mahogany with amber reflections tinged with copper and a trail of green on the edge, legs.

The nose is a glamorous ripe aromatic caramel and almond notes more attractive with traces of cedar in the front. There is a more serious side behind with traces of salinity, old oak and nuts, but it is so well integrated that it has become a “bouquet”. This is an old wine with all the grace and complexity you should expect: the more you smell, the more you get.

Palate, Fairly fresh at the entrance thanks in large part to the volatile acidity, then spreads generously on the palate with remarkable glycerin and many toasted nuts before returning to a fresher, tantric and salty style, but always beautifully balanced and with a long, dry and remarkable tannin. Free finish.

The first data related to the winery activity of the Florido family date back to the 18th century. But it was not until the year 1800, with José María Florido and Calderón de la Barca, when the first commercial and export activities began. Years later, in 1880 the first winery firm ‘Florido Hermanos’ was created, which was later acquired by the now defunct Pedro Domecq. In 1942, D. Francisco Florido, father of D. Gaspar, resumed the winery activity in Sanlúcar de Barrameda that will be continued by his son until the sale to Pedro Romero S.A. The winery was the owner of an exceptional vineyard of 33 hectares in the Sanluqueño payment of Miraflores, called Viña Armijo. Almost all of its wines came out of this vineyard, although, exceptionally, for some years it bought grapes from other growers. The winery came to have 7,000 boots distributed in different winery hulls in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Traditionalists and absolute artisans of the vineyard and winery were always considered pure. This winery was always considered to be the winery with old wines of the highest quality, a commitment that the Florido family put into its activity throughout its history.


Bodegas Alonso is constituted for the acquisition of the wine assets of Pedro Romero S.A. A property with a total area of ​​about one hectare in the center of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, which consists of several ships ideal for the raising of chamomile and other wines of the D.O. Jerez Xères Sherry. This property has been used for these uses since the mid-nineteenth century, taking place, in recent decades, the aging of the chamomile solera AURORA (Pedro Romero) and various sills of oxidative aging wines. Along with the acquisition of that property, Bodegas ALONSO acquires around 250,000 liters of oxidative aging wines with their respective casks (barrels), along with 20,000 liters of a long-aging white wine in boot that was abandoned of oenological care, also property of Pedro Romero.
In this way, Bodegas ALONSO begins its journey in the Marco de Jerez with three “encastes” of oxidative aging wines of the highest quality and old age of their categories. These “encastes” are made up of the very old soleras of Pedro Romero, Gaspar Florido and Fernando Méndez. The wines of these soleras are of recognized world prestige and unique for their old age and maximum quality.


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