Kimera 2015, intense aromas and fruity.

Red Wine 100% Garnacha, D.O. Navarra


Kimera began to be forged between two crazy friends for wine: Luis Moya and Gonzalo Celayeta. The idea of both was to put in a bottle of wine what they consider their flag: the Garnacha, and reflect the nuances of the vineyard of San Martin de Unx. They did it, but they went further elaborating it on lees in amphoras of mud of great volume, old and envinada, where the well polished mud allowed a long and delicate aging. It seemed a chimera, but the result was worth it.

Grapes from vineyards located on terraces in the town of San Martín de Unx, sub-area of Baja Montaña in the DO Navarra, at an altitude of 600 meters.
Aging on lees for 12 months in earthen jars of 4,000 liters capacity.

Cherry red color very alive. Intense aromas, fruity, with floral memories of violets and wild notes of scrubland. In the mouth you can see a delicate and earthy point that the jar brings. Good companion of vegetables and legumes for its fruity and delicate character. Also with plenty of baked fish and stews, and all kinds of meat, better grilled than stews.


Gonzalo Celayeta a vigneron in Navarra, is the one in charge of this project, born in the same land that saw him born: the beautiful city of Olite in Navarre. There he carries out his maxim of bottling the landscape.

Gonzalo Celayeta began to train at the Viticulture and Enology Station of Navarra in 2000. He then started making wine in different wineries in Navarra and Rioja, until in 2004 he started his personal project of author wines.
In 2006, he became the technical director of Bodegas San Martín, the cooperative of San Martín de Unx located in the Navarra sub-area of ​​Baja Montaña, although at the same time he continued to produce his own wines in limited editions.


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