Palacio Quemado “La Zarcita” 2016, a very gastronomic, floral red.

Red Wine IGP Extremadura, (Grenache, Syrah and a selection of other well-adapted varieties)


This wine takes its name from the stream that crosses Palacio Quemado. It is an estate wine that represents the best of Alentejo Extremadura, known as La Raya wines. It is the reflection of the terroir of the farm and is made with a selection of the best grapes adapted to the land. A very gastronomic, floral red, with ripe fruit and spicy and balsamic notes. The palate is persistent, long, voluminous and is giving its best moments as it is opening.

Grapes from a vineyard worked organically, located on a farm of 4,000 hectares at an average of 337 meters, although different heights alternate in a small space. Vineyard planted in the year 2000. The farm has four different types of soils: limestone, clay and sandy. Mechanized harvest. Transfer to the warehouse in boxes of 10 or 15 kilograms.
Minimum intervention in the winery with great care for the grapes, which enters the warehouse almost without squeezing, preventing it from breaking, to preserve the personality of each plot and the character of the vintage. The fermentation is carried out spontaneously with native yeasts in steel and concrete tanks, with a subsequent malolactic fermentation in barrels.
75% of the wine has been refined for 8 months in barrels of second and third year of 500 liters of French oak from the Allier, Vosges and Nevers forests. The rest of the wine was tuned in concrete tanks. Once the corresponding months of refinement were completed, the different terroirs were assembled. Bottled with a limited addition of sulfur.

Cherry red. Floral and fruity nose with a pleasant balance between fruit and spicy notes. There are also balsamic, mineral, black pepper and menthol touches. In the mouth, its fruity entry stands out with freshness and balance. The end is long, deep and persistent. Ideal with grilled meats, pasta with grilled vegetables, Yakitori, spicy food and grilled tuna.


Palacio Quemado is located in the municipality of Alange (Badajoz), within the Tierra de Barros region, Palacio Quemado was born in 1999 as a result of the union of two families: the Alvear and the Losada Serra. Turned into a benchmark in the creation of wines from La Raya – named for its border with Portugal and under the protection of the DO Ribera del Guadiana, Palacio Quemado was founded with the aim of producing quality red wines that convey the wine culture of the area.
The ultimate goal of Palacio Quemado is, therefore, the obtaining of wines faithful to their terroir (in fact they are the fruit of a single payment), created from native varieties grown and vinified in a sustainable manner through a minimum intervention process.
The history of the 4,000-hectare Palacio Quemado estate dates back to the late 18th century, when it was acquired by Bernardo Losada Pastor thanks to an inheritance left by a relative who had lived in Cuba. This family had already shown its interest in locating the Extremadura region of Tierra de Barros on the world wine map.
In 2000, the first vintage produced at Palacio Quemado was launched, and in 2010 the winery made a change in its philosophy that brought with it the incorporation of new winemakers from the Envínate group. Currently, they are responsible for Envínate (Roberto Santana, Alfonso Torrente, Laura Ramos and José Ángel Martínez) who work year after year to reflect on the wines of Palacio Quemado their founding philosophy.
In 2015, Palacio Quemado became part of the private association Grandes Pagos de España, which unites prestigious vineyard farms across the country that defend the Pago wine culture, a wine produced in a specific terroir and capable of reflecting the personality of a soil and a specific climate.


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