Alegre y Valgañón White 2016, complexity and volume in a white.

White wine (90% Viura, 10% White Grenache) D.O. Rioja


Complexity and volume in a white that is elaborated slowly and carefully and reminiscent of the great Rioja whites of yesteryear. Organic viticulture, stepped, a part of raspón, small yields and a year in barrels for a Viura and Garnacha of the towns of the towns of Fonzaleche, Sajazarra and Galbarruli. A serious white, tasty, austere nose and with a palate of great texture.
Manual harvest in boxes, pressed with the scraper in a vertical press, helped with the feet, with small yields of less than 55%. At half fermentation, it is transferred to 500 and 1,000 liter French oak barrels where the wine will mature for the next 9 months, moving the lees less and less frequently, depending on the evolution of the wine, looking for its complexity and volume.


Hay yellow color. Fennel nose, apples, white pepper. The palate is Serious and complex, with vibrant freshness that shows a silky texture and clean persistence.


Alegre Valgañón is the union of the two surnames of its creators, the couple formed by the agricultural engineers Óscar Alegre and Eva María Valgañón. In this couple they complement each other perfectly. After studying viticulture and oenology, Eva is dedicated to the elaboration and Óscar brings the commercial vision and a deep knowledge of international wine. They are also co-founders of the Rioja and roll group, an association of small winegrowers with respectful and earth-bound projects.


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