Abel Mendoza Graciano Grano a Grano, The perfect aromatic balance and fresh character.

To make this Graciano monovarietal, several of the vineyards of the winery, located in the Sonsierra, have to be visited, because the strains of this variety are mixed with other varieties in the same plots. Hewn by hand, grain by grain, Abel Mendoza Graciano maintains a perfect aromatic balance. With a mellow and fresh character, it has a long aftertaste.



Manual harvest, shelled by hand, grain by grain. Fermentation, of 11 days, in stainless steel tanks of 1200 Kgs. Later it discovers a new French oak barrel. The malolactic fermentation takes place inside the barrel.
Aging 18 months in oak.
Clean and bright. Cherry color cherry. Perfect balance between primary odors, red fruits in behavior, citrus and flowers, and tertiary, balsamic and vanilla scents. Step by mouth fresh and mellow. The aromas that appear through the retronasal route are very fruity, with a spicy nuance. Long and meaty wine.

Founded in 1988, the Bodega de Abel Mendoza began bottling and marketing under the Jarrarte brand the production of the vineyards that his family had cultivated for decades. The Bodega de Abel Mendoza is located in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, a town with a great wine tradition. Although in its beginnings it was dedicated to the production of young wines by means of the technique of the carbonic maceration, at the moment it is centered in the elaboration of wines with upbringing.
In 1998, the concern for wines with a more complex elaboration led him to change course and began to make different vinifications in both white and red. With the objective of making wines with their own personality that will last over time, Abel Mendoza takes care of and follows the vineyard throughout the year, applying the necessary care and respecting the environment to the maximum.
The brands sold by the winery are Jarrarte and Abel Mendoza. Although also small elaborations of varietals such as Tempranillo and Graciano, destemmed manually grain by grain.


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