Tindu, a dream of Monastrell come true.

100% Monastrell, dry land and barrel aging, with ecological certification.


We are facing a Monastrell of dry land  from a vineyard located between the towns of Cehegín and Bullas, next to the Quípar river. Globet trained and dry land. Limestone calcareous soil with zones of stones rides.

Manual harvest at the end of September from the upper part of the vineyard later maturation. A part of the grape was destemmed without squeezing and another with a certain percentage of whole clusters. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks with their own native yeasts, maceration for 15 days. After pressing and eliminating the waste, It enters into barrels, where it performs malolactic fermentation. During barrel aging clarifies and stabilizes naturally. For this reason, it is likely that precipitates may appear in the bottle due to its natural development. Sulfur (SO2) is not added in any process of the elaboration, nor in the bottling.

Aging in new American oak barrels and 2nd year of 500 liters for 7 months.


Bodegas De Fábula is a new project where excellence is sought in the work in the terroir, careful meticulousness in the processes all under ecological certification. The seed of Bodegas de Fábula begins some years ago when some friends
passionate about wine, and eager to expand their knowledge about the cultivation of the vineyard, winemaking and the motivation to preserve traditional rural areas of rainfed crops, as well as their environment and landscape.
His generic idea in the elaboration process is to interfere as little as possible, seeking to continue with the work done in the vineyard, since this and the way of cultivating it should be the essential part of the character of the wines.
What began as an almost unattainable dream, after intense work, is now a reality.


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