Ximénez-Spínola Exceptional Harvest, a PX intense, with exceptional aromas.

White wine 100% Pedro Ximénez. D.O. Jerez y Manzanilla.


This wine is born from the over-ripening in the vine 21 days after the usual harvesting, which means that the grapes that remain uncut in their dates of maximum concentration of water, will evaporate, acquiring natural degree and sweetness, without get to concentrate on extreme. The final yield of this wine is only 575 liters per ton of grapes, although occasionally it could be higher if the weather favors an early maturation, without losing much water.

It is fermented by controlling the temperature so that it can maintain residual sugar and later it is raised on its own lees, for 4 months in old American Oak barrels, which we previously wrapped with our oxidative aging wines. During its aging in wood, it produces a controlled “soft battonage” process in which new cask is avoided, so that the astringency and power of the oak, together with the intensity of its process, do not cause elegance or balance to be lost. final score.

The annual volume of bottles obtained varies depending on the weather conditions that may develop between the second half of September and the first of October. In any case, to date, they have never obtained more than 25,000 bottles a year, a part of which remains in the property to revalue its good evolution. It is a white wine with two main preservation factors that make it especially long-lived: high total acidity and residual sugar, which mitigates the edges of aging on lees.

Wine of intense gold color, clean and bright, with an apparent density unusual for a white wine. The nose is intense, with exceptional aromas typical of late picking: figs, raisins and plums, which are mixed with fermentative aromas and pastries, typical of the aging on lees. It develops very marked aromatic memories of its variety. The palate is light and intense in equal parts. So subtly unctuous, that it fills but does not tire. The acidity and the natural sweetness play with the ripe and fleshy fruit, giving way to a continued aftertaste in which the wood does not bother.


Ximénez-Spínola is the Jerez winery of the Phelipe Sucesores Antonio Zarzana Spínola, whose first export documented in notarial protocols dates from 1729 although the winery does not keep manuscripts related to its commercial activity until 1736 and on this particular varietal crop, until 1752

The circumstances of “Ximénez-Spínola” make it a unique winery in the whole of Jerez, since no other family with a wine-growing tradition has dedicated and continues to devote exclusively to the Pedro Ximénez grape, obtaining the recognition of the Spanish authorities with the concession of the “Pedro Ximénez Varietal Denomination of Own Accreditation”.


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