Tros de Clos, elegant nose, a very exclusively wine.

Red wine, 100%  Carignan . Oldest vineyard of the Clos del Portal farm, located in the town of El Lloar, with northwest orientation worked exclusively by hand, with organic farming certificate.


Oldest vineyard in the Clos del Portal farm, located in the town of El Lloar, with northwest orientation worked exclusively by hand, certified organic farming. Vineyard located at an altitude of about 370 meters above sea level.
Vineyard planted in the year 1911. Very old clone with foot “Rupestris de Lot” of very low production. Vintage Manual with selection in the vineyard. It lasted only one day in the middle of September 2016. Transport in boxes of 16 kilos to the warehouse. Without destemming, it ferments in oak barrels for 30 days.
Aging for 12 months in large French oak barrels.

Limited production from the oldest strains of the Clos del Portal estate, specifically from a Cariñenas coster planted more than 100 years ago capable of delivering a subtle and very long wine, full of intensity and freshness. It is a wine from a virtually perfect vintage that is designed to last over time and to which we predict an excellent journey. This wine is also known as Tros de Clos “Looking for Darwin”.

Dark cherry. Elegant nose, with candied fruit, fresh menthol balsamic, rich in mineral and earthy aromas, which flowers when oxygenated giving way to spices and smoked.

In the mouth It has a medium body to the palate with polished tannins, pure, and with a fruity flavor of cherry and natural plum, interspersed with minerals and slate aromas.


Clos del Portal, interpreting an extreme terroir. The work of Alfredo Arribas in the D.O.Ca. Priorat focuses since 2001 on the Clos del Portal estate, located in the heart of Priorat, between Lloar and Bellmunt. In a short time, their estate wines have managed to stand out as a clear example of the latest generation of priorats, in pursuit of elegance and subtlety. Elaborated with meticulous perfectionism, they interpret an extreme terroir, of austere soils and climate, showing the path of the enological future of the area. Alfredo Arribas runs the winery and for this he has the technical support of Joan Asens. Clos del Portal groups 40 hectares of small plots, all owned and in contact with each other, of which 14 are vineyards. Of these, approximately half are costers and the other half are terraces. The importance of the mineral soil, a base of oxidized slates with subtle variations of different soil components that confer complexity on the whole, is the key factor of the great harmony that the wines from the different varieties and blocks of vineyard treasure.
Garnacha predominates in this order, with the presence of five recovered clones, the Cariñena, the Syrah, the Cabernet franc and the Monastrell, together with some other experimental varieties. The production is limited to about 30,000 bottles. Three wines from the estate are produced: Negre de Negres, Somni and Tros de Clos, monovarietal of a 100-year-old Cariñena. And Gotes del Priorat is also made, in which the plots of the freshest and liveliest character are combined each year.


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