Vidonia 2016, Canary Islands in their pure form.


White Wine,  (100% Listán Blanco). Under the name of Vidonia, the wines of Tenerife made in the north of the island and produced with minority white varieties were known in the 17th century. The best plots of Listán Blanco del Paraje Las Suertes are the basis of this white, the most complex, deep and elegant of all that makes this winery.


Grapes from a single vineyard over 100 years old located in Las Suertes, located between 350 and 450 meters high. Planted under the braided cord system.
2016 Being a warm year, it is considered one of the coolest vintages of the winery due to the time chosen for the harvest and the way of winemaking.

Collection of manual grapes made in boxes of 16 kilos. Winemaking, flower must with two days in steel and fermentation start in used 500-liter barrels with native yeasts. Aged for 10 months in neutral French oak barrels. Bottled in September 2017. Optimum until approximately 2023 if it is kept in good condition.

Floral aromas of chamomile, fennel, anise, ginger, something spicy with hints of sandalwood, gunpowder. He feels young in the mouth, with a more austere and stony palate than in previous vintages. Recommended to consume at a temperature between 9 and 12ºC.


Suertes del Marqués, Canary Islands in their purest form. Wine growers who sold grapes for years are planning to elaborate, valuing the varieties and the native driving system of the Orotava Valley.
Francisco Javier García Núñez and his children founded in 2006 Suertes del Marqués. The initial idea was to preserve the agricultural custom of the area, but time has positioned them as one of the most interesting wineries in the Canary Islands.
Since mid-2016 they have new technical team. As technical director, the Portuguese Luis Seabra; and in the field winemaking team Loles Pérez and Jonatan García Lima, owner and visible face in charge of the winery.
The name of the winery partly tells its origins. Formerly the plots in the area were called “lots” and part of the land was once owned by a landowner.
The winery is built on a vineyard of 11 hectares, located in the middle of La Orotava (Las Suertes). The farm extends in altitude from 350 meters to 700 meters above sea level. Most of the vineyard is dominated by centuries-old black and white Listán strains grown in the unique system of multiple cords. In the rest of the vineyard young and old vines of native varieties coexist (Pedro Ximenez, Tintilla, Baboso negro) cultivated on trellis and cord.

The property consists of 21 plots identified according to soil composition, orientation, altitude and temperature. Each plot is analyzed, controlled, works and vinified separately. In this way, they transfer the personality of the soil to each of their wines. In the cellar they interfere as little as possible in the wines, using open-lined concrete cubes and fudres of French oak for fermentation and aging.


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