Dominio de ES Old Vineyards of Soria 2014. The vision of a great pre phylloxera vineyard wine.

The Frenchman Bertrand Sourdais was, throughout the 2000s, the technical director of the wines of Dominio de Atauta, the winery that discovered the remote and extraordinary landscape of very old strains hidden in the eastern end of the Ribera del Duero, within the province of Soria. Without leaving this environment, now sign two new projects.


The most personal is Domain of Es, where he works from the 2011 harvest in the key of vigneron and with tremendously reduced productions. The project is focused on 25 plots that barely add up to 3.5 hectares, all of them in the town of Atauta. Red wine, made with the grape varieties (95% Tinto fino and 5% Albillo), vineyards that Bertrand considers as the premier cru de Atauta and whose majority profile of soils is calcareous sands. They are 15-year lease contracts with the exception of La Diva and La Mata from which two scarce and expensive red plots come out. In elaboration, the traditionally planted strains of ankle are included next to the fine red wine and the tempranillo. In the payments it is usually destemmed while in the central red Domain of Es a certain amount of whole bunches is used.

Domain of Es uses open wood tanks of between 1,200 and 3,000 liters. Around 50% of the clusters are vinified without destemming, making extractions by means of pigeages and macerations during about 28 days. Finally, the aging is carried out in barrels originating in Burgundy of 1 or 2 uses. It is made with 50% scrape. Garnet cherry Dark nose, with very black fruit, ink, balsamic touches and earthy notes. On the nose we find the notes of red berries and soft spicy touches, while on the palate it is intense and juicy. Great silky texture in the mouth, with abundant sweet fruit and fine bitter in the end. A really different riverbank thanks to the expression of very old vines grown in sandy soils in the municipality of Atauta.


The wisdom of Bertrand Sourdais, the vigneron that produces this red wine, adds to the good performance of some preiloxeric vineyards that provide an exceptional raw material.


Domain of Es, the winery that Bertner Sourdais created in 2011 in the province of Soria, complements its Antidote project, which also develops in Sorian lands. Es Domain is based on the French concept of domaine, so they grow in organic and vinify, age, bottle and market their wines on the same property.



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