Xarel-lo Pairal, An amazing Xarel·lo.

White wine 100% Xarel-lo, D.O. Penedés. An amazing Xarel·lo. Born from the happy coincidence of experiencing the traditional aging in chestnut barrels with the grapes of very old vines grown in an exceptional terroir.


Grape from old strains of xarel·lo over 65 years old collected by hand. Fermented in chestnut oaks for 4 months without adding selected yeasts and raised in the bottle for 24 months. Sustainable methods are used for the cultivation of the vines and the use of insecticides and herbicides is omitted.

Medium gold color. In nose is wild and very mineral with aromatic plants, hints of peach and apricot kernel and a marzipan bottom. The mouth is deep and broad with great clarity and a spicy finish.


In 1979 Carlos Esteva decides to go to live at his grandfather’s estate, Can Ràfols dels Caus. His first scents with viticulture took place in Menorca, in the 1970s, but it was not until he took over the family estate when he decided to involve himself in body and soul to the production of quality wines, highlighting the characteristics of the landscape and the architecture of the place in a sustainable framework.
Esteva’s arrival in Garraf was a revolution: not only was it applied to restoring the noble farmhouse, which was in a dilapidated state, but also regenerated the exploitation of its vineyards, introducing new varieties and cultivation methods, betting on wine excellence, with a unique character and giving the winery its own identity.


With several decades of experience in the wine universe, Carlos Esteva continues to distinguish himself for his broad culture in this sector – he has been nominated holder of the prestigious Académie Internationale du Vin – and for his ability to diversify: not content with having created a score of references in Can Ràfols dels Caus – between wines and champagnes -, has promoted other projects such as Mas Oller, in the Empordà, and Can Camps, a small farm located in the Garraf Natural Park.

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