Renvivas 2017, all the expression of the Rufete in a wine.

Red wine from a small vineyard in Salamanca, planted in the 1930s. Varietal made with Rufete and Rufete blanca, very balanced, with remarkable freshness and velvety tannins.


Only 0.45 hectares of vineyard planted on a steep slope to the east work the miracle of this red, a real gem. The soils are slates with the presence of quartz. Manual harvest carried out at the end of August with grapes transported in boxes of 20 kilograms.
Fermentation with indigenous yeasts in a small tank, in contact with the skins for three weeks, ending in a used 300-liter French oak barrel.
Aged for 10 months in these old 300-liter French oak barrels. Optimal to consume until approximately 2022 if kept in good condition.

On the nose it is like a sketch, very aromatic and collects all the expression of the Rufete. Subtle floral aromas. The palate is medium bodied, fine on the palate, with great freshness and balance and velvety tannins.  It has to be one of the finest wines wines I’ve tried from Salamanca area.

The producer is Viñas Serranas, an ambitious project with wines from the Sierra de Salamanca. We are facing a personal project by César Ruiz de La Tintorería (César Ruiz is one of the founders of La Tintorería, a wine shop located in Madrid) and Mandragora, authentic village wines. Viñas Serranas wants to show the full potential of the Sierra de León and Salamanca. The first vintage was 2007 and each year its wines have evolved.

The wines produced by Viñas Serranas have the characteristic of being surprisingly fresh in general and having very early harvests. Furthermore, the vineyards were planted in a totally organic and ecological way.



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