Puro Rofe 2019, a cold-climate red, with a touch of nerve and spice.

100% Listán Negro, from the traditional holes of the Lanzarote vineyard located in Finca Mota. Pedro Umpiérrez and Ascensión Robayna cultivate and safeguard this living and unrepeatable heritage.

The wine is made from different vinifications that Carmelo Peña, the project’s winemaker, manages with great judgment and solvency.

Puro Rofe is one of the most unique wine projects in recent years. Its history originates from the eruption of the Timanfaya volcanoes that, in the mid-18th century, covered a third of the island with a shower of volcanic ash that the locals call Rofe.

Much blame for this project is the determination of a nonconformist canary in the search for a wine that expresses the character of an island like Lanzarote. I’m talking about Rayco Fernández. The history of Puro Rofe stems from a crush in the torrid summer of 2017. After a couple of years working with Niepoort in Portugal and with Raúl Perez in Bierzo and Ribeira Sacra, Carmelo Peña, a young winemaker from Gran Canaria, had just returned to the island with the idea of making their own wine there. During those years, his friend and dealer from Las Palmas Rayco Fernández, had been looking in Lanzarote for some terroir project to incorporate into his catalog in Buena Uva. He did not find him until July 24 of that year, when he spoke by phone with a winegrower named Vicente Torres.

Puro Rofe Red, is harvested earlier than usual on the island and macerated one part in amphora with whole bunches, another part in barrel and another two in stainless steel. “Between the different plots and vinifications we get each one to contribute their layer”.It is a wine with a beautiful youthful color, that smells of fruit and volcano and that has a lot of freshness in the mouth, although in Lanzarote people think that you cannot make good reds with listán negra, this is a demonstration that if you They can make good reds with the Canarian seal, which represent the place where they are born ”.

Puro Rofe red has a bright color that denotes high acidity, on the nose it has notes of black pepper and ground pumice. In the mouth it is spicy with great acidity and moderate alcoholic perception. It has a salty point. It is perceived as a cold-climate red, with a touch of nerve and spice.

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