Trenzado, Vidonia’s little brother full of complexity and acidity.

White wine, (98% Listán blanco, 2% Torrontés volcánico) DO. Valle de la Orotava.

Suertes del Marqués Trenzado 2018, vino blanco elaborado por Suerte Del  Marqués de la zona de Valle de Orotava (España) | Vila Viniteca fundada 1932
Picture By Vila Viniteca ©

Wine from different places located in the west of the La Orotava Valley where the soils are poorer and the basaltic volcanic rock is closer to the surface. Braided is the White Town Wine of Suertes del Marqués.

Vidonia’s little brother that shows its character full of complexity and acidity. The grapes come from 6 centenary vineyards located mainly in the western area of the Orotava Valley at an altitude of between 350 and 700 meters under a braided cord system.

Manual harvest carried out in boxes of 16 kilograms. Made including used yeasts. Soft pressing for several days in stainless steel tanks and fermentation start in a 4500-liter third-year cask, two second-year 2500-liter casks and a new 2000-liter cask. Native yeast.
Aged for 9 months in oak barrels. Bottled in June 2020.

Bright yellow color, on the nose it has a saline and mineral sensation.
On the palate it is very pure, with completely imperceptible wood. It feels vibrant and very alive, mineral and still young.

Optimum consumption until 2024, perfect to enjoy with fish, pasta and white meat.

Francisco Javier García Núñez and his children founded Suertes del Marqués in 2006. The initial idea was to preserve the agricultural custom of the area, but time has positioned them as one of the most interesting wineries in the Canary Islands. Jonatan García Lima is the owner and visible face in charge of the winery.
The name of the winery partly tells of its origins. Formerly the parcels in the area were called “luck” and part of the land was once owned by a landowner.

Listan_Negro – enofilicos
Typical vine braided system

The winery stands on an 11-hectare vineyard located in the middle of La Orotava (Las Suertes). The farm extends in altitude from 350 to 700 meters above sea level. Most of the vineyard is dominated by centennial strains of Listán black and white grown in the unique multiple cordon system. In the rest of the vineyard, young and old vines of autochthonous varieties (Pedro Ximénez, Tintilla, Baboso negro) grown on trellises and braided coexist.

Jonatan García Lima (Owner Suertes del Marqués)

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