Bruma “Las Encebras”2018, the hidden expressiveness of airén variety.

Jumilla aged white wine, 100% airén from a vineyard over 30 years old in poor soils with low yield. Manual harvest, carried out at the beginning of September.

Nuestro vino naranja 2019 ya está... - Bodegas Viña Elena | Facebook
Glass demijohns

After fermentation, it is put together in 20-liter glass demijohns where it spends 7 months without stirring. The result is an “orange” wine, where the skins give character (due to the presence of tannins from the skin) and color to the wine. A different elaboration to extract its potential and get the best of it: its hidden expressiveness. An elaboration that delves into the world of “different” wines.

Continuing with the objective of honoring and highlighting the native variety of Jumilla, the idea arose of making a white wine from the Airén grape, typical of the area, with vineyards in the Las Encebras area. This is how this wine was born, which vintage after vintage finds its personality in order to achieve the hidden expressiveness of airén.

Una de las parcelas de Paraje Las Encebras

Denossed today, Airén was highly valued 50 years ago for its productivity. With a long vegetative cycle, it is able to withstand the heat and the little rain it receives in this southern area of the DO. Today it is a variety in danger of extinction in Jumilla and the little vineyard that remains is very old, like that of this wine, which is 37 years old.

VINOS VIÑA ELENA, S.L. - Products from Spain (Murcia)

Viña Elena, a family project that revolves around the Monastrell.
Founded in 1948 by Francisco Pacheco, who began by making wine with a modest press in the press house, later it passed into the hands of his son Paco Pacheco and is currently the third generation who continues with the family business.

Presentación de Bruma del Estrecho - VinAcho Murcia
Elena Pacheco e Isio Ramos

Elena Pacheco has been the one who has taken over the oenological relay. Together with Isio Ramos, she has launched a separate project called “Bruma del Estrecho” aimed at highlighting the particularity of the Monastrell grape in the south of the DO Jumilla.

Familia PACHECO | Bodegas Viña Elena | JUMILLA (Murcia)
The big “Family” of Viña Elena

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